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Welcome to Elegantly Loraine! We offer a variety of DIY Arts and Crafts classes and workshops in New Jersey.

Yearning to empower and free that artistic creativity or looking for a friendly helping hand to guide and start you on the path to the world of arts and crafts? You've come to the right place. Elegantly Loraine is here to get you started on your artistic journey! Whether in a group workshop, art classes, or 1:1 art lessons in the New Jersey area, I'll guide you to unlock your artistic style.

My programs are designed for all ages to focus on your artistic spirit and creativity in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. You will walk away with a sense of accomplishment, a sound understanding of the tools and techniques, and a unique piece of art to call your own.

The 2 to 3 hour workshops are small in size to focus on your needs while providing a supportive and open learning environment where each artist is free to share, learn, and network with other artists. We cover an array of art mediums that include painting, drawing, floral arrangements, sewing and crafting... just to name a few.

You can also create your own private workshops for corporate team building exercises, fun night with family or friends, or fundraisers and other events.

Arts and crafts classes are available in New Jersey for the artist that wants to dabble or develop a specific skill. These classes span several weeks to provide in-depth learning of a particular art medium.

No need to be art savvy, just be art curious! Come join one of our arts and crafts classes/workshops in NJ to relax, have a good time, and open your mind and soul to the world of art!

A person who works with his hands is a laborer. A person who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman. But a person who works with his hands, mind and his heart is an artist.~ Louis Nizer
About Me

Loraine Lapalomento - Elegantly Loraine

Hi, I'm Loraine LaPalomento! I love art of all kinds. I'm a painter, crafter, gardener, and a DIY'er who just loves to create and explore the arts. When I go to craft fairs, I look at how things are made and say, "I can do that!"... and off I go in creating my own unique rendition of the art piece to call my own.

I've worked in many different mediums, and attend various art classes and workshops to sharpen my techniques and extend my knowledge in the arts and crafts industry. I'm often found in my art studio at home creating the next masterpiece on canvas, slate or wood, floral arranging or home decor to give to family or friends.

After 35 years of working in Corporate America, I've decided to continue my journey in the arts, establishing Elegantly Loraine. My goal is to share my experiences and knowledge, guide you to find your creative side, and learn from other artists along the way.

Arts & Crafts Workshops & Events in NJ

Elegantly Loraine | NJ Arts & Crafts Classes & Workshops

Local DIY WorkshopsInstructor Lead DIY Sessions for Various Arts, such as Floral Designs, Mixed Media, and Painting Classes

Group DIY WorkshopsBirthday Parties, Bridal Parties, General Private Events, Fundraisers, and more

Custom Commission ArtSuch as Silk Floral Designs and Paintings

“Spring Wreath Workshop was a great time. The workshop was designed for beginners and easy to follow. Loraine did a great job in assisting me to create a bow for my wreath. I would definitely attend another workshop in the future. Thank you Loraine for a great class!!”
— Joan

“The craft class was wonderful and I would definitely recommend these workshops to my family and friends. Interested in learning to expand on my floral designs in the next workshop!”
— Mickey Corcoran

“The workshop was very easy to follow and offered individual help when needed – loved that! It was a great sense of accomplishment, as I'm going home with a wreath to display on my front door! Class was fun and would love to do a patriotic theme next class.”
— Anne Petala
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